At the Frog Kids Are Important

At the Frog kids are important.  Our current kid count is 43 Frog employee kids.  And a great note I just heard, we have two single dads on staff!  Now that’s working hard to put food on your kids’ table!


We’re just in the office eating pizza and talking about the MOMENT.  What is the moment?  It’s living in the now and realizing there is no one more important than your kids and <FROG> family.  Years ago when we were a growing little business another business courting us hired a really fancy consultant who sat at the table with me and my late husband who was <then> dying of cancer.  No one lives of cancer, do they?  You’ve probably heard this story before, but I’m telling it again because I think it illustrates who One Fat Frog, Inc is.  So, the consultant looks at me and says, Google Girl, if you let go of 1.5 employees you can have a new Mercedes paid off in your driveway at the end of the year.  I looked at him and was dumbfounded… really, come to my office and tell me which 1.5 employees I should lay off, who should be unemployed so that I might have a new car? The late husband got up from the table and went to the restroom shortly thereafter and I took the opportunity to tell Mr. Fancy Schmancy Business Consultant, “see that man who just got up from the table?  He’s got Stage 4 colon cancer, he likely won’t be here in six months, you think a new Mercedes matters much to him?  To the Frog our people are the most important.”

And that’s the thing in how it weaves to today, one of our employees takes three buses to get to work.  That’s dedication there.  That’s doing what it takes to put food on your family’s table.  And a girl’s gotta respect that.  There’s nothing wrong with hard work and doing what it takes.

So, what makes a good Frog employee?  Someone who knows that we as humans, as people, are the most important thing.  And that means our customers, our staff and our friends who are all Frog Family.  Sure, we shuffle a lot of stainless steel in and out of our doors, but that is not what makes our team great.  What makes our team great is our heart.  We’re here to help you.

Love you guys, live in the moment, that’s all we have!  Hope you enjoy your friends and family!  At the Frog we’re pretty excited about a baby shower this weekend for one of our team members who will be a first time Grampa and another team member who will be a first time daddy.  Live the moment!

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