Start Up: Food Truck Menu Tips

Previously we looked at some important things to keep in mind while developing your food truck’s menu: concept, competition, and originality. Now we’re back with a few additional tips that can help you boost your menu’s vitality even further.

Be sure that your menu items are not difficult to prepare. There are not tables, no waitresses, no courses. Your menu needs to be prepared quickly. People are lined up outside of your food truck, not sitting comfortably at a table enjoying a glass of wine. You’re going to have to remove any menu item that bogs down the wait time. You can still offer a great presentation with simple menu items!

In order to keep food spoilage to a minimum, you should use ingredients in more than one dish. This will also help stretch your budget like Armstrong. This is easy to do, for instance…if you offer fries with seasoned salt, offer seasoned baked potatoes or seasoned burgers.

Don’t get too crazy with the menu offerings. Stick to a core selection of dishes and be realistic about the variety you’re going to be able to whip up in a short amount of time. On the average, most food trucks off between six and 12 menu items.

As with every other aspect of your food truck, keep your finances in mind when experimenting and researching your menu. You don’t want to use the cheapest ingredients available, but you don’t want expensive dishes to curb your truck. Balance your pricier ingredients with more affordable ones and you should be fine.

And, of course, the equipment you’re cooking on is crucial. That’s where One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment comes in. We’ve got a plethora of mighty fine used food truck equipment that will suit your wallet and desires. No matter what kinda menu you’ve got, One Fat Frog has got the equipment for you. From fryers to undercounter coolers, from griddles to prep tables, from high fives to soul hugs, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has it all!

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