Start Up: Developing Your Food Truck Menu

Developing a successful menu for your food truck is going to be the difference between street domination and losing the air in your tires. Your menu items will do more than keep your patrons stuffed and happy. Menu items will also help promote your business, help you stand out from the competition, and keep your food truck fresh in the minds of patrons. Your menu items must present your brand’s image and make people want to recommend you to their family, friends, and co-workers. Even their worst enemies if you’re really, really good.

Your food truck’s menu should be original while also satisfying the wants of patrons and filling any gaps in what the competition offers. Your menu should also match your concept and atmosphere – creating a perfect storm of a dining experience that will keep your patrons returning again and again.

It’s important not to confuse your customers with random menu items. If you’re serving up BBQ food, you wouldn’t want a black sheep like banana splits on the menu. Let your menu reflect what your food truck is all about.

If you’re selling ethnic cuisine, make sure that your entire truck and menu reflects that’s perfectly fine to fuse together two different cultures, as long as it makes sense to your taste buds.

Keep in mind what menu items you may have in common with the competition. Research what the competition is offering and if they offer menu items similar to yours, add a twist. Change up your ingredients and flavor dimensions to get patrons coming to your truck instead of the others. If your competition offers frozen french fries, make yours from scratch. People will appreciate the difference and keep coming back, frothing at the mouth for more.

Your menu will also reflect your hours of operation. If you’re serving up breakfast items, your patrons will expect you to be open during the morning hours. And if you’re slinging burgers, they’re gonna want to see you open during lunch and dinner time.

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