Start Up: Food Truck Research

When making your food truck battle plan there are a bevy of items you need to research to ensure you dominate the streets. It’s essential to research  the nature of your competition and consumers in order to be successful. Knowing your competition will give you the competitive advantage and the ability to recognize what works and what’s a waste of time.

One of the first key items to look into is the consumers’ wants and needs – the demographics. You may find that some food items are in demand, some holes in supply and demand exist, or maybe there are gaps in the locales covered by the competition. Certain markets will lend themselves to certain concepts and cuisines – an important item to keep in mind when developing your menu.

Once you’ve got the consumer research down, look at how your competition is addressing the wants and needs of the masses. If you see an opening, strike!

After the consumer and competition research is done, now it’s time to fill those gaps. You need to develop and implement a plan to take advantage of any of these gaps. If people are asking for fried chicken and no one is offering that dish, you best introduce your unique fried chicken recipe to the masses.

Once you’ve implemented your plans, it’s time to take a step back an examine how consumers are responding. Look at what’s working and what’s not, what’s making you money and what’s costing you, etc.

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