Start Up: Competition in the Food Truck Business

Just like running an actual brick and mortar restaurant, economic competition is fierce in the food truck business. Commonly, it’s a friendly competition in which food truck owners frequently collaborate on events. Since food trucks can constantly move to wherever the hungry masses may be, brick and mortar restaurants oftentimes see  food trucks as having an unfair advantage.

Competition shouldn’t always be seen as a negative thing. The challenge of competition does keep you from getting too confident and the pressure to perform is good for ingenuity. If some food truck rolls into your turf, offering similar menu items, then it’s time to show what your made of.

Competition is a great way motivator for your creativity. Menus should be constantly improved, modified, and diversified with distinct products to keep the customers lining around the block.

You’ll also have to be creative on the advertising front as well. Even if you have a huge following in the neighborhood, advertising is a way to stand out from the competition. Social media advertising is essential. Many food trucks will use Twitter to alert customers where they can go to chow down.

Competition means you’re going to have to keep your prices reasonable. This concept doesn’t sound so hot, I know, but when it comes to dining customers are always looking for decent value. If you find your profit dwindling in the battle of price changing, consider using different ingredients or suppliers.

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