Showing Some Frog Love

The Frog’s been celebrating a lot lately.  Many, many good things happening here to our family and friends.   One of our most exciting stories is that we’re expecting our first baby boy at the Frog.  For many years we have a history of beautiful little girls being born to the Frog family.  It became the running joke, have a family full of boys?  Want that little girl?  Come work for the Frog and female fertility is yours… lol   Now we have a little boy coming to the Frog.  Our first in a decade!  This little boy is also the first grandson for one of our employees and his son-in-law also is part of the team so he’s going to be a first child!  A magical time I tell you!  Baby shower is this weekend if you want to drop off a present!

On other notes, Pretty Boy seems to have broken his nose playing soccer.  Poor guy!

We went out to eat at Nile Ethiopian Restaurant last night.  It was GREAT!  We had some Ethiopian clients from Tampa rave about the food there so it’s been on my MUST DO list for bit.  All I can say it was a great experience and the food was so yummy.  We were all about the fresh roasted coffee beans but Restaurant Equipment baby was done for the night so we had to retire.  You’ll get a hoot out of this… her first love in music is Opa Gangam Style… she dances and really loves that song.  My life has devolved into listening to it repeatedly (or the themetrack to Little Einstein’s).  I’m happy to tell you we listened to Opa Gangam style at least five times to get thru dinner at the Nile Restaurant.  (yes, I’m not too much more a fan of the song).

In the morning we had company from out of town and went to a family breakfast at a chain restaurant.  There’s an entire story on that one but I’ll leave it for later.

From our frog family to yours- we’re happy to work with you and hope you stop in this week!

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