No Payments Until January 2013 on Used Restaurant Equipment!

The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program has helped countless restaurants get the equipment they need for a successful, dynamic kitchen. And now, you can get approved and not pay anything until January 2013! This is a great opportunity to for start-ups and established restaurants alike to build up their cash flow as well as their business and personal credit. All without having to make their first payment until January 2013.

The financing process is quick and painless at One Fat Frog. We have an in-house finance manager who can get you approved with a budget that will work for you. There’s only a one-page application that takes a few minutes to fill out, no documentation is needed. You do not have to show us proof of income or promise us your first born. Our easy qualification and quick approval will have you on the fast track to restaurant ownership in no time – then let your savings stack up until January 2013.

And don’t worry about being judged on you credit score. It’s seriously rare to find someone with impeccable credit. Our finance manager works will all kinds of credit, so as long as you can sign your name you have a fantastic chance of being approved. No one will be turned away no matter what shape their credit is in. Read more details about our easy financing program and download an application here:

This is your chance to get the used restaurant equipment you need and not pay anything until January 2013. This promotion goes for any piece of used restaurant equipment in our warehouse! Get that massive walk-in you’ve been dreaming of. Or upgrade your 4-burner range oven to a 6-burner. Put together an entire bakery, cafe, pizzeria, etc. All of this and more is possible with the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program. And now, you won’t have to make your first payment until 2013!

So come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today to take advantage of this offer and to get financed for all of the used restaurant equipment you need. We look forward to doing some honest business with you.

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