Get Your Hot Dogs Rolling with the Star Grill-Max Pro Hot Dog Roller!

When I was a kid, there is nothing I loved more than a tasty hot dog. I’ve made hot dogs on the grill, in boiling water, and even in the microwave. There are few times or places that I have not enjoyed a perfectly-cooked frankfurter when they were available. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at the ball park or in my own living room, hot dogs are, in my mind, a perfect food. So when someone has the capability to sell me a hot dog, there’s a good chance they’ll have my business. Well, if you want to be that business that gets the attention of people like me, this Star Grill-Max Pro Hot Dog Roller from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can help with that process.

For starters, this Star Grill-Max Pro Hot Dog Roller is electric, meaning in order to use it, you just have to plug it in, which is simple. And this system has the capability to include temperature control in multiple zones which can be controlled and viewed with industry-first LED displays.

You can also cook your dogs on the Duratec non-stick rollers that are exclusive to the good people at Star for the hot dog rollers and those dogs will sit at a three-to-five-degree slope (known as “Stadium seating”) to properly display your properly-cooked dogs to the delight of hungry patrons who walk by. Plus, with its built-in bun drawer, you can keep hot dog buns fresh and ready to go. All you need then is the ketchup and relish. And One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has one just waiting to go to a happy business for its hot dog loving patrons.

Of course, we at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also want you to get what you need at a good price, which is why we offer financing and leasing options. Of course, if you want to know more about those options, including one option for our used equipment to get what you need, including this Star Grill-Max Pro Hot Dog Roller, and pay nothing until January 2013. You can check out what you want to know, plus get your application here:

Now hurry up! I’m craving a hot dog with ketchup and onions!

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