True Cooler Turned Kegerator? Yes Please!

You want something unique at your bar that no one else has? Well, we can hook you up at the Frog! And we mean what we say and say what we mean!

This is a truly custom design, a True TBB-4 Cooler with added beer taps, turning the cooler into a custom kegerator. The cooler’s powerful compressor circulates the temperature down to 35 degrees on average inside the cabinet, which means those kegs are going to put out a cold beer, allowing for the highest yield. Plus, with the customized taps already in place, you can keep those cold drinks flowing to the tune of happy customers. It also has a great deal of free space on top with a 90-inch length and 27-inch depth, so you have room for wine bottles, beer glasses, or whatever you feel the need to place on top.

Here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we want to give you the best bang for your buck. The great thing about this custom design is obviously the convenience. You have multiple uses from this one machine. Need your kegs cold? This will do it. Need an extra tap available but also have bottles to keep cold? Have at it! Need display space? This has it! And on top of that, this is a custom design, which means no one else will have this particular machine. Now it’s a conversation piece! Okay, you may not use it as an attraction for your customers, but they won’t care because they’re drinking beer!

And now for the part that makes everyone happy: the deal! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has financing and leasing plans so you can get the best deal. All you have to do is go to here:, and you can learn more about the financing plans and print out your application. Who knows…you could have your own customized kegerator within the week! Can you feel the excitement brewing? (Get it? Brewing?) Plus everything in our warehouse, including this customized beauty, goes through a strict process to make sure this puppy is operational and ready to be placed in your bar. Hurry! Your customers are thirsty!

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