Traulsen 52″ Chef’s Base Lowboy, Oh Boy.

Refrigerated chef’s bases are the stainless steel backbones of the kitchen. They’re used to support tabletop equipment like griddles, charbroilers, slicers, etc. while storing cool ingredients and prep items close at hand. They make chefs and the health department happy, while helping to maintain an efficient kitchen. And One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has one to sell you.

This Traulsen 52″ refrigerated chef base utilizes a guided airflow system to ensure uniform product temperature. Even at your busiest times, constantly opening and closing the drawers, this Traulsen chef base has short recovery and runtimes. The cabinet structure of this chef base is entirely insulated using polyurethane foam. The top itself is insulated to protect against heat transfer to the interior of the cabinet. All stainless steel top and sides with an aluminum finished back.

And now this Traulsen can be yours for a ridiculously low price at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. All of our used commercial restaurant equipment, including this used chef base, goes for a fraction of the cost of what it would be new.

Besides our drastically low prices, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also helps you save money with all of the free services we offer! No one wants to shove a 52″ chef base in their car. We understand this and that’s why we offer free delivery to nearly the entire state of Florida. We truck hard throughout the Sunshine State, saving you hundreds in delivery and shipping costs.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also throws in free custom paint jobs, free custom cutting boards on used prep tables, and free gas conversion. Just let us know what you’re cooking with and our in-house technicians warlocks will take care of the rest!

And through the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program you can get all of the used equipment you need without breaking budget! Our financing program has helped countless start-ups and established restaurants get the equipment they need for a successful, versatile kitchen. Our in-house finance manager can get you what you need for around $200 to $500 a month. And now, make no payments until January 2013! Read up some more on our financing plan here:

If you wanna pay in cash for this used Traulsen 52″ chef’s base, then you can save even more off of the already low price. Flash us that cash and you get a great deal and still qualify for all of the free services offered by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment that I mentioned earlier.

Even reading. Get in your car and come check out this used Traulsen 52″ chef base low boy today! See you soon!

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