Meet the BAXTER OV300 Rotating Rack Oven

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would like to introduce you to a very special guest who just arrived at their warehouse: a used Baxter OV300 Mini Rotating Rack Oven. This oven will fit at home at nearly any restaurant and will provide similar results of a larger rotating oven in a smaller package.

Prepare yourselves for cooking evenly and quickly with this gentleman rogue Baxter OV300 Mini Rotating Rack Oven! Ideal for baking, roasting, and even reheating a bevy of food products. This model offers the option of side or end load and features an a easy to program display.This used Baxter oven will make the other ovens in your kitchen wish they had never been born. You may want to consider hiring a counselor to help them through the introduction of the Baxter into your kitchen.

What you won’t need counseling for is how ecstatic you’ll be when One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment helps you save a ton of money on this Baxter OV300 oven. If you use our painless financing program you can get this Baxter OV300 oven for around $200 to $500 a month – as well as any other pieces of used commercial restaurant kitchen equipment you’re in need of. You can get approved quickly by our finance manager and be on the fast track to restaurant domination in no time. No one will be turned away no matter what shape your credit is in! Check out this link for more information on our financing plan: — — and now you make no payments until January 2013!

If cash is more of your thing, then head on into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and make us a cash offer on this used Baxter OV300 oven. Make it Godfather style – an offer we can’t refuse.

This used Baxter rotating oven is gas powered, so we’ll throw in gas conversion for free to make things even easier for you. Just let us know what you’re cooking with and we’ll convert this Baxter absolutely free.

Speaking of free, we’ll also deliver this used Baxter rotating oven for free. Why not? One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivers to more parts of the Sunshine State for free than any other dealer. Call  for more details! We’ve got free delivery runs to Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Melbourne, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Ocala, Gainesville, etc. We also offer free custom paint jobs on paintable equipment (I just made up “paintable”) and free custom cutting boards on used prep tables.

Head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment before someone else snatches up this used Baxter OV300 rotating oven. Let’s do some honest business.

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