The Hobart Blast Freezer

When putting together a kitchen, a restaurant must consider several elements. Not just the equipment, but the cost of the equipment and the cost of the product the kitchen will put out every day. Not to mention how much they hope to make in the process. When considering these costs, any way to save should be looked at, if not embraced. One great example of something worth buying that could help save money is a blast freezer.

A blast freezer, or blast chiller, is a high-powered freezer that is able to chill food to frozen levels much faster than a normal freezer. They provide many different advantages to a business. For one, the quick-chill method allows for food to be cooked and then frozen quickly for long-term storage and keeps food better in a frozen state because of how quickly it’s frozen. Plus, when the food is defrosted, it still keeps a lot of its original flavor. This means a chef can cook more food less often and keep it frozen until it’s needed.

A blast freezer also allows restaurants to follow very closely and accommodate to codes. According to temperature codes, foods can not be between a certain temperature range for a certain amount of time before being served (rule of thumb says between approximately 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 135 degrees Fahrenheit). The blast freezer chills food so fast that it can meet the proper levels quickly, thus keeping the food out of the danger zone, which prevents a handful of issues, particularly food-borne illnesses like E. coli. And clearly there’s no question of why that’s important.

Here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we want to make sure your business thrives with the right equipment. We currently have a Hobart Blast Freezer available. Plus, with our financing and leasing options, including an option to get used equipment and pay nothing until January 2013, you could have this great piece of equipment in your kitchen. To read more about the financing plan and to download your own application:

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