Dark Restaurants Promote Communication Between Blind and Sighted-People

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment just heard about this fantastic style of restaurant and wants to share it with you. In European countries such as Switzerland and Germany, there are restaurants that may shock you when you walk in. Not because of the smell or the tacky decor, but because you won’t be able to see anything. This phenomenon is known as “Dark Restaurants” and refers to restaurants whose goal is to promote communication between blind and sighted people and to demonstrate opportunities available to blind people. This is done through mediation and helps sighted people to understand blindness-related problems in society.

The first restaurant of this kind opened its doors in Zurich, Switzerland in 1999: Blindekuh (Blind Man’s Bluff) was founded by the Bline-Liecht charitable foundation. The restaurant is located inside a former Methodist chapel and features a staff of blind and partially-sighted servers who guide patrons through their meal. The dining area is pitch black, although the bathrooms and reception area is fully lit. Their website explains that the blind and partially-sighted staff use their remaining sense for spatial orientation. The layout of the dining area is in their minds and they use this mental image to navigate patrons through. Blindekuh even offers a stage for comedy, literary, and musical events.

In January 2012 Blindekuh added a “sicht bar” bar-lounge that is lit. The owners of Blindekuh hope these lighted areas combined with the pitch black ones promote a dialogue between blind and sighted people.

This concept of the dark restaurant has been copied several times throughout Europe. There are dark restaurants in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Cologne, London, and more. Restaurants in America have experimented with this concept. CamaJe Bistro in New York uses blindfold to simulate the experience. Opaque restaurants in San Francisco, LA, and San Diego have darkened rooms and blind wait staffs.

The concept hasn’t spread through the rest of the country yet but we here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment thinks it is a great idea for both it’s uniqueness and promotion of communication between blind and sighted-people. If you also appreciate what these restaurants are about, then why not open one of your own – One Fat Frog would like to help! Through our easy financing program you can get all of the equipment you need for cheaper than you think.

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A dark restaurant  would be a great way to raise awareness of blind people in your community, as well as promoting employment for them and helping bridge the communication gap between blind and sighted-people.

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