Being in a Wheelchair Won’t Stop These Cooks!

If you have ever worked in a kitchen then you know about the flurry of activity that’s constantly taking place. Eons before my gig at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment  I worked in the kitchen of a major pizza chain and being back there was a constant onslaught of orders, a barrage of banging pans, a salvo of surly waitresses. Imagine all of that, without the use of your legs.

Believe it or not there are chefs in wheelchairs who are able to perform everything a bipedal chef can. Take Executive Chef Rob Hodge of City View Bar & Grill in Johnstown, PA for example. A carjacking in 2002 left Hodge without the use of his legs. He had been working in restaurants his entire life and after this crippling incident, he was given a shot to return to the only business he knows at City View.

The owners there say working with Hodge is natural, though he may run over their toes once in a while. He can use much of the equipment in the kitchn from his regular wheelchair.

Pascal Ribreau, a French chef working in Montreal, prepares food like his famous rabbit ravioli from his standing wheelchair. This is a wheelchair that holds the used in a standing position, rather than sitting.

There are some things to consider if you are a chef in a wheelchair or have one on your staff. You’ll want to look into countertops that are no higher than needed to fit a wheelchair underneath. Walk-in coolers and freezers are commonly wide enough for a wheelchair to fit inside.

You can install reflective mirrors above stoves, griddles, broilers, etc. – wherever you’re cooking. That way you can see the entire cooking area without having to hoist yourself up on your wheelchair.

If you find yourself accommodating your restaurant’s kitchen for a wheelchair, then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’ve got a massive selection of affordable restaurant equipment and we’d be happy to get you what you need for a wheelchair-accommodating kitchen!

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