ADA Restaurant Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) set forth several civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. These civil rights extend to healthcare, employment, and accessibility for buildings – including restaurants! And One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to know how your restaurant squares up?

ADA law requires that you have a certain number of handicap spaces in relative to the total number of spaces you have in your parking lot. Here’s how that runs down:

Wheelchair accessible curbs and ramps are required at the entrance of restaurants. These ramps have to be at a certain slope and at least 36″ wide. Landings at the end of ramps have to be as wide as the ramp with a minimum length of 60″. If the ramp’s rise is greater than 6″ then it’s required to have handrails on both sides.

Your bathroom should have wheelchair accessible toilet stalls complete with grab bars.

Signs should be accompanied with Grade 2 Braille and pictograms and be mounted 60″ above the floor.

Wheelchair areas should be included in the fixed seating plan and should provide those in wheelchairs a line of sight comparable to that provided sighted-people. These wheelchair areas shall be adjacent to an accessible route in case of emergency.

Food service lines need to have a minimum width of 36″ to allow passage around a person who is using a wheelchair. If you have self-service tableware and condiment areas then these also need to be wheelchair accessible with a height no taller than 34″.

For more information on ADA requirements for restaurants, bars, etc., click here.

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