Your Restaurant Must Look Good Too!

There are so many different elements that are incredibly important in making a successful restaurant. Yes, the food has to be good, and everyone already knows that. But what must also be remembered is your guests must be comfortable when sitting in your restaurant.

There are two major elements when creating your restaurant’s layout. First, consider distance. You want to make sure there is space between each customer while they sit at the table. If they’re sitting on each others’ laps, then there’s a problem. Also make sure there is enough space between chairs at different tables for your customers can’t smell the other table’s meals (or, for that matter, the other customers). A basic rule of thumb suggests 18 inches between different tables and 40 inches from any wall. This should allow for customers and staff to move about freely without bumping into anyone.

The other major element is furniture arrangements. We all know that there are many options for types of tables and chairs to put in a restaurant and most of us have probably seen a great variety in our times. The right type of furniture and the right arrangement can put your customers in the right atmosphere to enjoy their time while dining. Some good tips include having square tables as they are much easier to arrange and even manipulate, particularly to accommodate larger parties.

Also, choose your seating based on your clientele; for example, senior citizens might prefer high back chairs with arm rests for maximum comfort, but if you have more of a bar or club setting, you’ll probably stick with bar stools since your customers will be more mobile. The weight of the chairs can also make a difference. Light chairs can be moved much more easily and they won’t damage the floor, but heavy chairs give off a more prestigious and luxurious vibe. Again, your clientele will probably motivate your seating choices.

Once all of these factors are looked at, you’ll be able to start putting the furniture in the right places. It’s always good to keep in mind that customers, while out in public, don’t want to be gawked at. If your building has any architectural designs that allow for more privacy, use them to your advantage. Also, consider creating sections with booths or other divides gives the customer more of a feel for privacy and comfort.

It’s a lot to look at, but keep in mind that happy customers spend more money in your restaurant and are more likely to return. The quality of the food and service is of course paramount, but your customers must also be comfortable, so make sure they are.

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