Jimmy John’s Wants to be Your Favorite Sub Shop

Get a tasty meal with Jimmy John’s, freaky fast!

There are two things that every fast food feeder wants in their restaurant: smart, fast service and good, delicious food.  For those who need a quick meal that’s filling, tasty, and fast, you can’t get better than Jimmy John’s Gourmet Subs.

I was first introduced to Jimmy John’s while I was in college.  My first experience went like this: I went in, scanned their menu and selected my choice, the #1 Pepe, ham and provolone with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes on an eight-inch sub roll.  I then informed the cashier of my order, and before I could hand him my card to pay my bill, my sub was in front of me.  The Jimmy John’s motto is “freaky fast,” and to verify, yes, it was that fast.

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Subs takes top notch ingredients to give you a great tasting sub that is good with every bite.  With greats meats like ham, turkey, and their “Vito” combination of salami and spicy capicola, and great extras that include Dijon mustard, hot peppers, and a whole pickle (yes, you can get a whole pickle if you want), Jimmy John’s is a great dining experience.  Plus, with their signature speedy yet high-quality process thrown in, you will be eating often times before you remember how hungry you were.

It’s no wonder that, even now, when I go to a Jimmy John’s restaurant around lunch time that the line could reach the door.  But even when the lines are long, you can still get your sub in plenty of time to enjoy before you have to get back from your lunch break.  Plus, with the ability to call ahead for a pick-up or check if you’re within a store’s delivery range, there is never too much time between hunger and satisfaction.

Plus, for big events or business meetings, Jimmy John’s can cater to your needs.  Seriously, they do catering too.  You can get platters and sub orders for big parties to maximize the enjoyment.  No matter the need, Jimmy John’s can help you out.

There are Jimmy John’s establishments located all over Central Florida, so if you’re near one, you pass by one when going to work or school, or you just have to try them out, go check them out because, let’s face it, you need a favorite sub place.  Jimmy John’s wants to be your favorite sub place.

One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409
One Fat Frog • 1137 W. Airport Blvd. • Sanford, FL • 407-936-2733


2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409