Easy Financing for Restaurants and BEYOND

Get the stuff you need, no matter who you are.

When your company name includes the words “Restaurant Equipment,” the assumption is that’s all who we at One Fat Frog work with.  But that’s certainly not the case.  Yes, we work a lot with restaurants and bars, and yes we offer great financing and leasing options to them.  But we have found that nearly every one could use some form of restaurant equipment for their business, and we can help them too.

Probably right up there with restaurants and bars that could use equipment we provide would be schools and hospitals.  Aside from cafeterias, there are plenty of locations within their facilities that could use refrigerators, coolers, even stoves.  Teachers’ and doctors’ lounges, for example, are areas where the hard working people who educate or save lives go to relax and congregate.  By allowing them to keep food and snacks in these places, it gives a major convenience to them so they can do what they do best.

Also, imagine being in an office environment where you’re sitting at a desk making phone calls or typing away at the computer all day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have one or two high-volume coffee makers available so you can get a quick cup between tasks?  Country clubs could also use coolers and ice machines to keep their guests cool.  And who hasn’t been a hotel room and woken up at two in the morning needing a cold drink, stumbling down the hall looking for the ice machine?

You just never know when you might need something from One Fat Frog, so we make it quick and easy for everyone to finance what you need, whether it is that high school principal providing for his or her faculty or that office manager trying keeping the staff caffeinated.  If you need it, One Fat Frog can help you get it for the price that works for you.

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