Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Blast Freezer

I mentioned earlier in the week that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment recently got in a very nice used double door blast freezer. This is the perfect piece of equipment for freezing your food product rapidly and safely for later use. There are a number of maintenance items to keep in mind to ensure your used blast freezer has a long and consistent life freezing like a boss.

The condenser coils must be kept clean to make sure the blast freezer freezes properly and to ensure optimal energy efficiency. In order to ensure a tight seal on your used blast freezer, be sure the door gaskets are kept clean. Just some soap and water should be all you need to clean gaskets as well as the outside and inside of the blast freezer after use.

There are some signs to look out for that’ll tell you it’s time to replace your blast freezer. If the freeze time becomes inconsistent this is a sign of the blast freezer loosing its power. When the cost of maintaining your blast freezer gets more expensive than it’s worth, you should just go ahead and replace it.

If it’s time to replace your blast freezer, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out this used double door blast freezer! We offer several ways to save on this used blast freezer, including cash deals and our financing program. With a cash deal, simply make us a cash offer we can’t refuse. You’ll still get the 30 day parts and labor warranty, free delivery, and all of the other free services we’re known for, but you’ll also save a ton of money on top of it.

With our easy financing program, getting the loan you need for the restaurant equipment you want is painless and approval is quick. We work with all kinds of credit, so don’t worry about being judged. Our in-house finance manager will take care of getting you approved and setting you up with a plan that works within you budget. Read up more on our easy financing program here:

So come on down and check out this used double door blast freezer today!

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