Building Used Walk-In – Selling New Walk in Florida

Before we clean them we build them again to verify and test camlocks and structural integrity.

The above picture is from our way back machine.  As you can see building a used walk in cooler was a labor of love for the Frog.  It took skilled staff and extensive knowledge from installing new cam locks, to painting the unit, repairing insulation, using sawzall to custom builds.

Now the Frog sells new units.  A few years ago friends came and said, we want you to sell our new coolers.  They gave us a price that we couldn’t resist and now we share the savings with you.  The Frog buys coolers by the truckload and you get that discount.

The Frog also offers installation packages for new walk in coolers and freezers.  This means if you have a restaurant, bar, florist, veterinarian, convenience store or other fun facility in Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Melbourne, Cocoa, Jupiter, Okeechobee, Lakeland, Tampa, Wildwood, Tavares, Leesburg, Orlando or surrounding areas you can call us for our heavily discounted install.

We’re small business owners and we know what it’s like to start up!  As Entrepreneurs we get what you’re going through.  Let us help you- use our knowledge to simplify your dream!

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