Restaurant Cleaning Checklists & Preventative Maintenance

Creating a daily restaurant cleaning checklist is an easy and fantastic way to save money on maintenance and unnecessary outside cleaning services. Being in the business for so long, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment knows this. The checklist should include cleaning and sanitation duties to be completed before closing, and sometimes at the end of an employees’ shift. With everyone doing their fair share of scrubbing and whatnot, you can save a ton of money in the long run (especially on restaurant equipment) and not get in trouble with health code requirements. And now, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment presents for your reading pleasure some helpful tips for organizing a cleaning checklist for your location.

The list of duties on a checklist should reflect the size of your restaurant. Larger restaurants will probably have a larger checklist divided up between the different workstations like the prep line, cooking line, etc. Smaller restaurants might only have a one-page checklist of tasks that any employee can tackle during their shift.

It makes sense to have the employee in charge of a particular station be the one who cleans it. For instance the one in charge of prep should be the one who cleans the cutting board, prep tables, and any other surface food comes in contact with. Likewise, whoever is on dish duty that night should be the one sanitizing the dish area and cooks should take on griddles, fryers, and any other surfaces they use. Tasks like sweeping, mopping, cleaning windows, etc. can be done by anyone, so evenly divvy up those duties between employees.

Make sure you post the list of daily cleaning duties somewhere all employees can’t miss it. You might even want to print out several copies for the week/month and have the employees check off the duties as they go along.

Be sure you stress to your employees the importance of preventative maintenance and cleaning. Proper practice can help extend life of your restaurant equipment for several years!

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