BART Arcade/Bar/Gallery is Now Open!

There’s a unique bar now open on Mills Ave. in Orlando and I think you should all go there this weekend. It’s called BART and it’s a bar/arcade/art gallery. They have several vintage arcade cabinets including Ms. Pac-Man, Missile Command, and Galaga – which I got the high score on when I was there. Man, I hope they don’t unplug the machines at night. That high score is my only legacy!

They have a great beer selection too. Everything from Pabst to bizarre cider concoctions. I had some kind of apple juice-tasting brew that knocked my socks off. Around the bar are some cozy couches and chairs and on their flatscreens they were playing Earth Girls are Easy. That movie took me back.

So hit up BART for a unique drinking/gaming/socializing experience! 1205 N. Mills Ave.!

One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409
One Fat Frog • 1137 W. Airport Blvd. • Sanford, FL • 407-936-2733


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