More Work Pulling Walk Ins

Selling used walk in coolers is something that took a lot of skill.  Rebuilding of walkin coolers was time consuming and we had a several step process to see how they fit together before we went to the field.  At the Frog we would rebuild cams, fix the insulated panels, cut down panels and renumber.

Since then many codes have changed on the state and national level and it’s become more and more important that we provide our client with the best product.

At the Frog we’re about saving our clients money where it makes sense.  This means to save money for you not only now but in the long run.  Why save a little now but provide you with a lower caliber product?  Why save a little now but potentially risk thousands of dollars worth of product in a used unit?  Let’s face it, your walk in cooler or freezer houses thousands of dollars of inventory and loosing that much inventory is going to hurt.  You will minimize the potential of that by purchasing a new walkin.

Additionally new walk in coolers and walkin freezers are coldstorage units that generally meet state, local and federal code.  In the state of Florida you will need different items for Hurricane laws… we don’t play around.

Buy a high quality walk in cooler at a discounted rate.  If you’re in the state of Florida see the Frog about package discounts on installation.  There’s a reason we’re one of the largest dealers in the nation.

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