Used Slicer Buying Guide

Like the post before says, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment just got in some more truckloads of used commercial restaurant equipment – some of it being new old stock. Some more used slicers came in, and if you’re in the market for a commercial slicer, it’s important to make sure you get the proper slicer for your location. It all depends on what you’re slicing and how often you’re slicing it. Here’s some more information…

Like cars, the power of a slicer is measured in horsepower. Commercial slicers with higher horsepower are built to be used all day long for both meats and cheeses and frozen products.

Slicers with a medium amount of horsepower are appropriate for slicing both meats and cheeses – but they usually can’t slice cheese for too long so don’t overwhelm your slicer.

Slicers with lower horsepower are the best for cutting deli meats, but not cheeses or frozen products.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a fine selection of used slicers of various makes, models, and horsepower. Brands we see a lot of include Hobart and Berkel. Come check out the selection for yourself today and we’ll help you pick out the proper slicer for your restaurant, deli, diner, food truck, etc.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a simple financing program that anyone and their uncle can get approved for. No matter what condition your credit is in, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to work with you to finance all of the used restaurant equipment you need – including a used slicer. We’re the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with it’s own in-house finance manager. He can get you approved for food truck financing no problem! Learn more about the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment easy financing plan and to print out your own application, head over to:

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also welcomes quick cash deals on the entire selection of used and new restaurant equipment, including used slicers. Pay in cash and save bundles off of the already low price!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment delivers for free to nearly all of the Sunshine State! We deliver totally free to Orlando, Miami, Melbourne, Jupiter, Sanford, Lake Mary, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa, and many more locations. For delivery dates and more information, give us a call.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free gas conversion from liquid propane to natural gas and vice-versa, free custom cutting boards on used prep tables, and free paint jobs on any piece of used restaurant equipment that can be painted

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