Startup: The Pros and Cons of An Existing Restaurant Kitchen

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we’re about saving money any which way we can.  This means if you can save money we’ll help you and point you in the right direction.  Sometimes this means that leasing a restaurant with existing equipment can be a great deal for you.  Here are some pros and cons when looking into an existing kitchen space:

  • con: you may inherit equipment that has not been maintained and may need work, your cost to fix it may be realized in you improving property that will never be yours
  • pro: have your landlord show it working before you take possession
  • question: is the equipment and layout something that will apply to your concept?
  • is the hood still currently licensed?  will it be grandfathered in?
  • do you need a grease trap?
  • building codes… it all boils down to this and this translates to licensure… it’s no deal if you have to retrofit and buy new equipment or upgrade hoods to meet code
  • con: the equipment might be something you can purchase significantly cheaper than assuming their debt/ loss/ location

In Orlando it is possible to find locations from landlords where there is no additional cost for equipment assumption.  Think before you sign, know your options.

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