Startup: Should You Buy Used Restaurant Equipment?

When starting up a bar or restaurant, the question is to save money is used restaurant equipment for me?  In rare occasions I do say, used restaurant or bar equipment may not be for you.  Here is a list of people who do well buying used restaurant equipment

  1. need to maximize their budget
  2. realize equipment need not be new to produce great quality product- isn’t it the chef who cooks, not the equipment that does?
  3. flexible in size and brands
  4. have time in their buildout and flexibility to install used and test it prior to opening
  5. deal well with pressure and stress
  6. willing to work through a problem to realize the savings- used restaurant equipment is just like a used car

Used restaurant equipment is not for you if:

  1. you are anal and expect brand new equipment
  2. you are not flexible on size/ brand/ make or model
  3. you don’t like shopping around
  4. you want to give up the project entirely to a high dollar consultant

If you’re in  the first category, call the Frog at 407-480-3409 for the best deals on used restaurant equipment.

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