Startup: Prep Areas- Equipment You Need

At One Fat Frog we realize some of you will be prepping on the line and others will have the luxury of a separate designated prep area.  So, if you fall in the latter category, here’s an abbreviated list courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant equipment of the equipment and pieces you’ll need to make your prep area drool worthy:

  1. robocoupe food processor
  2. mixer 20, 30 or 60 quart berkel or hobart
  3. prep tables
  4. freezer and refrigerator
  5. knife storage
  6. cutting boards
  7. bakers table
  8. dry storage
  9. tilt skillet
  10. prep sink
  11. handwash sink
  12. prep cart
  13. stainless shelving
  14. storage for bowls, etc
  15. steam kettle
  16. smoker
  17. mats
  18. slim jim garbage cans
  19. hobart potato peelers
  20. tomato witch
  21. vacuum sealer

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