Startup: Entertainment in Your Restaurant

Ambiance is an important part of your success and should also be an integral part of your business plan. Sure everyone is coming because of your great food but we’re also coming because of your atmosphere and ambiance that differs from our home and from other places nearby.

Here are a few questions I would like to pose to you: are you installing TVs? Will clients be able to hear them or watch subtitles? Can clients change TV channels or do you have a preferred channel? Will you offer Wi-Fi? Is it necessary to your concept? Will you have live music or an ipod system or internet based radio system? Will your live music follow a theme? What is your budget? Where will you get them? What sort of rhythm are you trying to set? How loud will your music be? Will you offer trivia? Live variety shows? Have a balloon artist? Bellydancer? Psychic? First of all I would look at the demographics you are trying to attract. IS this the demographics with money to spend? Is it a demographic that can easily drive to your restaurant or bar? Things to think about… call the Frog for your equipment when you’re ready- we’re here to help.

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