Startup: Bar & Restaurant Promotions

Starting up that bar or restaurant of your dreams?  Here’s a quick list of some easy promotions… maybe not always easy but often profitable.  As always we at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment encourage you to look at your demographics and take the promos that best fit your clientele.  Some promos when used with the wrong clientele/ business can definitely backfire:

  1. hosting a YELP event
  2. sponsor a team who will make your bar/ restaurant their main place… they come with family members.  Remember your demographics and also think different seasons.  You don’t want to overwhelm your waitstaff on the weekend with large 20 top tables
  3. radio promotions- in Orlando 104.1 has a very loyal following
  4. happy hour promotions
  5. ladies night, kids night, family night, hospitality night… you get the idea
  6. become a partner in education and market at the school- again if this fits your demographics.

Thanks for reading this quick promo tip list courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.

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