How to Use This Website?

At the Frog we’re here to help you.  We’re an eclectic gathering of random important information, the best in used restaurant equipment and fun.  Mix it all together and you have the Frog.  So, here’s the scoop.  Last week we had a cool 8 truckloads of restaurant equipment come in.  I wish I could inventory and write down every single little piece of equipment that comes in.  You know my dream, take a picture and post it so that you can shop to your hearth’s content.  The thing is that things often sell before they’re even off the truck.  I can’t stress enough to you how much it’s worthwhile to DRIVE in to meet us and cultivate that relationship.  We are here for you!

So, this website is for information on used restaurant equipment, information on starting a restaurant, bar, grill or foodtruck and restaurant finance and lease.  It’s never going to be a comprehensive inventory of our equipment as just can’t be.  Last month two of us worked all day listing 100 items on here, by the end of the week a number of those items were sold.  Heck, by the end of that day.  Then for the remainder of the week we fielded calls from folks who couldn’t understand why we’d sold the xyz piece of equipment they needed.  That’s the rub, we’re in the business to sell and unlike other dealers our inventory goes VERY quickly.   We are also different than the other dealers just in the add-on services we offer for FREE:  cutting boards, paint jobs, gas conversion and delivery.

Call us or better yet stop in to one of our two One Fat Frog locations… we are here to help you.  Don’t wait until your exact piece of equipment is listed on here.  It may have come and gone a hundred times before we list an item.  That’s just the way of the frog.  Here’s a brief overview of selection and variety currently in stock:

  • over 30 refrigerated prep tables- all sizes, makes and price ranges
  • over 30 refrigerators- glass door, stainless, open
  • over 10 dipping cabinets
  • over 3 soda fountains
  • over 10 freezers
  • over 4 garbage can coverups
  • over 10 griddles and charbroilers
  • over 20 ranges
  • over 15 fryers
  • all of this equipment is USED

This is just a brief overview and I suspect if I had the time to go count it would probably increase the amount.  Thing is we just have everything you need to start a restaurant, bar, grill, pizzeria, bakery, deli, diner, cafe, food truck, etc.

☛ 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809

☏ (407) 480-3409

❂ Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM

❂ Sat: 10AM – 3PM