Waste Not Want Not Helps Feed Florida’s Impoverished

Today we learned about a great charity group here in Florida: Waste Not Want Not, Inc. They’re a volunteer-based group of over 170 people that prevents the discarding of food items that can go to the hungry and impoverished in the community. They rescue food daily from different sources, especially bakeries and supermarkets, and distribute them to local charitable organizations and initiatives.

The organization is headquartered in Orange Park and they collect an average of 3,700 pounds of food a day. This food is picked up by volunteers and distributed in their own cars. Last year, the organization donated 1,359,361 pounds of food to over 100 charities in eight counties! Last year, an average of 11,000 people a week fed themselves on food donated by Waste Not Want Not. 1/4 of all the food in America is discarded annually – it’s good to see an organization putting this perfectly good food to people who can use it.

For more information, head over to the Waste Not Want Not website.

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