Some Unique Discounts; Save on Restaurant Equipment

One of the Twisted Root burger joints in Texas has an option on their register to apply a custom discount. It seems an attractive woman was given a couple discounts just for being herself – the easiest discount possible.

Also, check out the slogan at the bottom of the receipt. “Meat Is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder.” This place must have a good sense of humor!

While One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment doesn’t give out discounts for phenomenal rear ends that belong in museums, we do offer you plenty ways to save money and stretch your budget. There’s the quick cash deals, the easy financing, and to top it off our Restaurant Wheel of Fortune, which can shave upwards of $100 off of your used commercial restaurant equipment purchase!

Head on in and save on used restaurant equipment today. Every client we have is the “Best Looking” to us.

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