Smoke Out the Competition With This Used Smoker

Currently at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando is this used Smokerama smoker, which was previously used at an Outback Steakhouse. It’s a highly versatile and reliable smoker that’s fully equipped to prepare a large variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, and more. The best way to ensure your used smoker stays running and reliable is to take proper care of it. Here are some tips on how to care for this used Smokerama smoker.

You can clean the inside of the smoker with soap and water and by scouring it clean. The best material to tackle this job would be scouring cleaner and pads. When you’re finished cleaning the inside, turn the drain valve, which is located to the left of the drain.

It’s very important to perform this cleaning over a drain pan or floor drain to catch the water. You can clean the outside of the used smoker with a damp cloth. You should never pour cold water into the aluminum body of the cooker while it is still hot – this can cause it to crack or warp. Turn the used smoker completely off and allow it to totally cool off before cleaning anything. Go watch the news or something then come back and clean it. After cleaning is complete, dry off the used smoker thoroughly.

Don’t allow any meat drippings or any other bits of food to collect in the bottom of the cooker. These harmless looking crumbs will give any food you smoke a burned taste, which no one wants. If the inside of your used smoker becomes discolored. Don’t sweat it. That’s just from use and will not affect the taste of the food or the function of the smoker.

Come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today to check out this used smoker from Smokerama. It’s in excellent shape and gets cleaned, refurbished, and tested by our staff of specialized in-house technicians. When this used smoker from Smokerama arrives at your location it’ll be running, looking, and smoking like new!

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So get ready to smoke out the competition with this used smoker from Smokerama today!

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