All About Range Oven Burners

There are a huge variety of makes and models of range ovens on the market. The selection can be dizzying. The biggest differentiation among these various range ovens in the burners. There’s the number of burners and the size of the burners, and to ensure you get the proper range oven for your restaurant, you have to keep in mind what you’ll be using the range oven for.

Commonly range ovens have an open burner design, but there are a few sealed ones out there. Sealed burners have burner bowls that surround the burner, which make spills and other messes relatively easy to clean. An open burner receives more air that provides an updraft of heated air below the pan, pot, whatever you’re cooking with. This allows a faster cooking time. Most open burner ranges have some ind of tray below the burners to catch spills – making them not that much more difficult to clean than sealed burners.

The power of a burner isn’t just found in its BTUs. How a burner combines air and fuel and combusts it as it passes through ports should also be taken into account. All of these factors affect how efficiently the fuel burns. How close the burner is to the cooking vessel and the burner’s shape can also affect your range’s performance and how quickly BTUs are transferred to a pot or pan.

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