As an entrepreneur we all have our mentors, our guides and our muses.  One of my guiding lights probably doesn’t know he is, but nonetheless he is.  He’s not Guy Kawasaki, but he is a day to day businessman just like us.  He’s in another industry and the uncle of my best friend.  But what I like hearing is that the growing pains we have are ones he has had.  And the victories he’s had… well their ones I hope to have some day.

You know that giving back to the community is big at the Frog, so we are sooooo excited to share that our friend’s company sponsored several athletes to the Olympics.  Of the five he sponsored, three won medals!  This just is a stunning achievement of any athlete’s career and also very exciting for the sponsoring company.

I maintain that when you’re little you do little things and when you’re big you do big things.  Everything done with good intent comes back with good intent.  As a business you can’t go wrong with that.

So just had some customers make a purchase… we have an in-store promotion of buy $10k in used equipment and get a FREE xbox360 or PS3 through Friday of this week!  They picked the XBOX.  It pays to shop at the Frog and it’s fun and you save money.

Other fun moment of the day, client calls me from Clearwater to verify sizes of coolers he’s purchasing so he can rent a truck to get the coolers to Clearwater.  I said, but we offer free delivery, why don’t you take advantage of that?  His response, let’s do it!

I love working at the Frog.  I love talking to restaurant folks.  Call me, let me give you

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