A Presidential Anecdote From One Fat Frog

Here’s a great story one of our clients told us that we just had to pass along to our dear readers…

A couple days ago a client came in showed Boss Frog a picture of a famous person he had served popcorn to. This famous person turned out to be President Barack Obama. Wow. The client explained that the President Obama talked with him for a bit, and the client got to talking about how his brother had served in Vietnam. He was a Navy Seal. President Obama asked what the name of his brother was. He told him and the two parted ways.

A few days went by, then the client got a call from his brother. He had just had a 15 minute conversation with President Obama. After his conversation with the client, President Obama had decided to call the brother. He wasn’t asked to – he just did it. He didn’t even get the phone number from the client!

Bravo, President Obama. Bravo.

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