Inside the Olympic Dining Hall

Olympians know how to eat. Weightlifter Jake oliver has stated that he drinks the first milk of a cow who has just given birth. Michael Phelps said he wolfs down 12,000 calories per day. These monster appetites need an appropriate cafeteria. For the Olympians, this is the Olympic Dining Hall.

The Olympic Dining Hall is a 5,000 capacity, 24 hour facility with a McDonald’s at one end. Hey, they’re a sponsor, what can you do? According to a recent CNN article, the organizers of the Olympic Dining Hall expet “25,000 loaves of bread, 232 tons of potatoes, 75,000 liters of milk, and more than 330 tons of fruits and vegetables” from the start of the Olympics to the finish on August 12. 60,000 meals a day will be served.

For more information on the athletes’ incredible diets and the Olympic Dining Hall, check out the CNN article.

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