BurgerFi Does It All Natural

Have you been to BurgerFi yet? They brand little logos on their buns – a nice touch in my book. Their burgers are all natural using farm-raised Angus beef. The beef comes from Certified Humane cattle raised with shelter, sufficient space, and the “ability to engage in natural behaviors creating a better environment for the cattle and producing better beef as a result.” Absolutely no antibiotics or hormones are injected in their cattle, and they;re fed natural feed only. I’m liking the sound of this.

Their menu also features all natural “hipster” dogs, fresh cut fries, onion rings, and a variety of toppings such as salt and viegar, parmesan cheese and herbs, cajun spices, and BurgerFi Chili and cheese sauce. They also serve frozen custard (!), shakes, sundaes, and even mocha shakes. They also serve wine and craft beers.

They’ve got a ton of locations in Florida, as well as Virginia, North Carolina, and Boston! Head to http://burgerfi.com/locations.php  to find the location nearest hungry. Show up hungry.

One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Rd. • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409