There’s nothing like a great lunch

There’s nothing like a great smart salad for a simple lunch.  Refreshing and what more could you want?  I’d say my diet is off to a good start but really this is reprogramming to eating well again.  I gave up Coke last week, then slipped up and out of habit asked the drive thru for a coke.  But I’m 1 for 5 on days and coke versus google girl and 0 for 4 on lattes versus google girl.  I’m not going to get on the scale until pants start getting loose… okay, let’s just be honest, once I can breathe in them again I might get on the scale.  Loose pants comes after comfortably wearing them… lol

have a great one boys and girls, justa  great one!  A few of our Frogs watched the Winter Park movie in the Park last week.  Does it get better than 7 brides for 7 brothers?  I think not!

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