Easy Finance & Lease- cut out the middlemen!

With One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment you can easily access finance and lease programs to match your credit worthiness in a simple and easy manner.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we offer extremely low finance and lease options because we cut out the middle man!  Our Finance Manager works directly with you and finance and leasing sources to fund you.  There’s no mysterious person at the other end of the line, there’s no surprise at the end of the deal… we do this sort of thing day in and day out and due to the volume of our finance deals our finance manager has access to programs that other dealers do not.  By cutting out the middle man you cut out his fee, and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to doing just that.

One of our good business contacts is with several banks who offer spectacular finance and lease programs to our customers.  There’s no SBA red tape, the Frog cuts thru all of the paperwork to make things simple and easy.   There are no brokers in different time zones, just the Frog and the people funding you.  By cutting out brokers and middle men we’re cutting out the people who are going to ask for money from your deal and therefore your payment will be higher.  After seeing paperwork from others I can wholeheartedly say we’re doing much better deals on used equipment than large internet companies are doing on new equipment.

At the Frog we care about you and your bottom line.  We’re not trying to make a bundle from your deal, we won’t put our kid through college with your finance deal, but we will look at it and see how we can do good by you.  That’s what the Frog is about, not just getting it done but getting it done in an affordable manner.
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