Wino-Eco-Friendly Mentality

Gotta love when a consumer can save money AND aide in the environment.

Bag-in-box packaging has some advantages over bottles and is preferred by some wineries because it is far less expensive, lighter and more environmentally friendly than bottled wine.
The primary benefit that bag-in-box packaging offers to consumers is that it prevents oxidation of the wine during dispensing.
Never has there been a time when ‘going green’ and making eco-conscious decisions is so vital to our society. We, as consumers, have the ability to make an impact through the products we buy.
By purchasing boxed wine, you have the advantage of enjoying great wine while reducing environmental impacts.
Boxed wines use 91% less packaging materials.
This means less material is being produced and less material are sent to landfill.
Boxed wine provides 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Now that my conscious has been quelled by my wino-eco-friendly new mentality I have to justify my pocketbook. Many times eco-friendly products are so much more expensive and I am financially limited with my good will. Yet, wine in a box lets me drink four bottles of wine for the price of one. Win Win when hosting guests. They don’t know the wine comes from a box, thus all is well in the world.

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