Waste Not, Want Not

When dining out I find my selection for wine by the glass urking.  I’m always miffed when a restaurant charges me $4.99 for a glass of wine when the dang bottle costs that much. This is when I look to just purchase a nicer bottle. The love of my life doesn’t drink wine, so I’m left feeling pressured to drink the entire thing. This ideology slightly makes me feel like an alcoholic however I have my mother’s words floating in my sub-conscious saying “waste not want not” and then the long progression of drinking delightful delicious wine begins.

On the way home from work I was listening to WMFE 90.7 when I heard Scott Joseph’s review of a little known wine law: ” I CAN take home my bottle of wine, doggy bag style!”

Here are the rules:
• Once dinner has completed you ask your server to Re-Cork the wine.
• Then the wine has to be placed into a non-specific bag and stapled shut.
• Upon the bag the dinner receipt must be stapled to the outside.
• Ideally the city would like to you place the wine into the trunk of your car, but you can place the bottle into the glove compartment box.

Now, I don’t have to feel the need drink it all up.

Waste not want not.

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