The girls in the office voted…

Dear UPS Corporate,

The girls at One Fat Frog OBT are humbly requesting a different driver.  When we think about a UPS driver we think the stereotypical ideology … you know the driver who is what you think of the Pepsi guy that is beefcake, tight shirt, flannel, jeans, lifting heavy boxes.  Instead we get the Sultan of Sadface, the grumpiface… (must clarify here the Finance Manager does not want to get lumped into this letter, he thinks the driver should be female, sexy, cute, and he could help her carry the boxes. )

But back to any alternative UPS drivers we are ameniable to:

  1. Marky Marky Mark Wahlberg (google girl here and my husband knows this)
  2. joe manganiello (True Blood)
  3. the whole cast of Magic Mike
  4. okay, the Rock

So, we’re open here… just send us a different driver.  This one does not like our jokes, take our candy, smile or look good in your hot uniform.

Sincerely, Frog Girls


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