First Job… well, not exactly

We hired a new warehouse guy at the Frog.  He’s younger than me (wait, that’s pretty much the whole crew here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment) and this is almost, kinda, mostly his first job in Orlando.  Well, not really his first job but pretty close- I hear he worked at a Sub Chain Franchise store and also detailing cars.  Someone in the office is rather excited that they’re no longer the youngest one (no, it’s not the Finance Manager…bahahaha) but moreover we’re really smiling just to see him working so hard with our team.

We’ve got a great crew here with a real good work ethic.  Everyone loves coming to work at the Frog and that’s a great work environment to have as your first serious job.  So, as far as an almost first job this is a great place to be around hard working folks who are just good people.  I’m proud to tell his parents what he’s been doing at work and I’m also proud to know that the men he’s working side by side with are some of the hardest work and most honest men I know.

That’s it.  I’m proud of our guy’s first couple of days.  And, while I don’t write about it every day, I’m also exceptionally proud of our office staff, warehouse guys, technical staff, detail team and metal workers and that very special head bottle washer (me).  There’s nothing wrong with a hard day’s work.  At the Frog we know how hard you work for your money and that’s why we work equally hard to save you money.  It’s not about making the sale, it’s about doing right by you at the end of the day!


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