Another Client Hits It Big on the Wheel!

Another lucky client hit it big on the One Fat Frog Wheel of (Restaurant Equipment) Fortune today! The folks at Cue-Phoria Billiards in Winter Park won $100 bucks off of their 24″ liquor display case.  Let’s it hear it for them, ladies and gentleman!

Come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment to test your luck at the One Fat Frog Wheel of (Restaurant Equipment) Fortune. You don’t have to purchase any used commercial restaurant equipment to take a spin. There’s some hot prizes on their like a $25 donation to the charity of your choice, a kimono, a kiss from the finance manager, a singing telegram from Boss Frog, free smallwares, and discounts on your purchase of used commercial restaurant equipment.

If I won the $25 donation to the charity of my choice, I would choose the Human Fund. “Money, for people.” If you got that reference, you get a bonus discount!

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