It’s Friday! Friends, Loved Ones Rejoice

It’s quiet here, our Warehouse supervisor started two weeks of vacation.  He’s going to see his mom who he hasn’t seen in a few years.  Our Finance Manager is off doing top secret stuff- but it’s Friday and we’ll let that slide.  Our Service Manager is off, too.  So it’s just me busy looking busy bottle washing.    Well, not really but it sounds good.  We have several different teams out with trucks and so there are a lot of our team members just off property today at One Fat Frog.

We’ve got trucks out today to West Palm/ Miami and another one delivering around Central Florida.  Our local truck has been all the way to Longwood, stopped off at our pet charity- Pathways Homeless Shelter, and a few random stops to end in Kissimmee FL.

A few startups coming in and incubating today.  We LOVE to meet new customers and get to know them.  Don’t feel bad about stopping by and just looking and dreaming.  That’s what the Frog is built on… dreams and wishes… and we’re also dedicated to making them come true.  Just had a super nice conversation with a gentleman looking to start a new latin concept.  Great guy and nice conversation to start talking about first steps- first of all come up with a name and go to sunbiz!

I’ve been meaning for a while to write a few words about some great people we’ve had the pleasure to work with:

  • Dr. Ahmed Al-Malt of Fetal Diagnostic Center … I can’t say enough wonderful things about this man and his center.  Dr. Al-Malt is a great physician with a lot of experience.  If you are looking for an excellent perinatologist I would recommend Dr. Al-Malt.  After years of issues, Dr. Al-Malt was able to give me a diagnosis that infertility specialists couldn’t.  He was also exceptionally knowledgeable about a variety of obtuse issues.  His steady hand was important during amniocentisis on one of my daughters, too.  Thanks, Dr. Al-Malt, we are forever grateful for your knowledge!
  • Kaleen Richards, midwife extraordinaire!  Kaleen of Tree of Life in Sanford, FL was my midwife for home birth of the latest little Frog.  My biggest baby yet with easiest delivery and as my husband says, she was extremely skilled during the entire labor.  Baby was 10 lbs at home, no pain meds, au naturale… so I’ll let you figure out how great she was.  I couldn’t recommend her enough.
  • Deb LaFleur, Gray & Robinson, one of our corporate attorneys.  Highly recommended to us by an old-timer attorney in Sanford.  She’s fair and honest and I like that.
  • JoAnn Best, Real Estate Agent, Orlando, is another great person.  She has been very honest with us and I would recommend her ability to listen and respond to your needs.
  • Dr. Omar Kayaleh,  MD Anderson, Orlando, and Dr. Sammi DeJesus, Orlando, held our hands through cancer.  Amazing physicians and I could write an entire book about these two physicians.  They were compassionate, exceptionally knowledgeable in their respective fields and have great communication skills.
  • Dr. Imtiaz Qureshi, GP, my general practitioner.  He’s right by our OBT store and he LISTENS!  He also knows a lot about his field.  Worth the wait!
  • Dr. Neil Weider, Longwood Chiropractic, has been a family friend and physician for over a decade.  I’ve recommended many people to Dr. Wieder over the years and I continue to drive to see him.  He knows it all, literally!  Love you, Doc!
  • Bankruptcy attorney Rick Baker of Baker Law Offices in Winter Park, FL.  Is a dear family friend!  He’s a super nice guy who has helped many of our clients out of hard times.  If there is one thing that Rick does well, it’s bankruptcy!
  • A few attorneys we know who are great negotiators, friends, community service individuals:  James Vickaryous, John Zolienski, and David Lee.  I guess if you’re googling any of these attorneys you’ll find us and our words of praise.  Mr. Vickaryous also is very active and generous with a homeless shelter in Sanford, FL.  I can’t say enough beautiful words about him and his fundraising efforts for the community.
  • Gordon Food Service- they donate a lot of food quite regularly to Pathways Drop In Shelter for the Mentally Ill.  Their generosity is truly welcome and appreciated.  For a large company they put their words to work!
  • Owens Distributors in Sanford, FL if you need chemicals, customer service and good old fashioned business.  We’ve known them for nearly a decade and they’re just good people.
  • Roy’s Restaurant in Dr. Phillips that always comes through with food for Pathways!

Driving by Universal Studios the other day and saw the Second Harvest Food van coming out of the resort next door.  Made me smile that the food is not going to waste.  It’s good to give locally in our community!

It’s without a doubt that a lot of Central Florida’s economy is based on tourist trade.  There’s many blog entries on this to be made.  For now let me say there’s a pretty nifty location open down from Starbucks on Lake Buena Vista… good size, nice resorts near it.  Across from another chain- easy access in and good parking.

location, location, location!  Only equal in my book to logo.  Logo… what’s the picture and words that customers associate with your place?  Does it adequately represent your ambiance, food and mood?

time for Friday- may your family, friends, pets and co-workers have a GREAT weekend!

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