“I Am Your Guest”

You know the old saying: “a happy customer tells one friends, a pissed off customer tells 10.” That ’10’ estimate seems moot now thanks to the internet and sites like Yelp. Once a customer throws a negative review of your restaurant up on the internet, an immeasurable amount of people can read it. Quality service from entrance to the check are more important than ever. Here are some simple elements to keep in mind to improve and maintain the quality of service at your restaurant:

• don’t ignore the wants of your customers. Ever.
• satisfy their wants. Always.
• listen and pay close attention to any customer complaints/criticisms
• never rush a customer into ordering and finishing their plate. They’re paying for the privilege of eating at your restaurant
• demand strict sanitation practices from your employee. More than ever customers notice cleanliness and filth
• inspect every piece of serving ware that your food is served on. Throw out anything chipped, stained, beyond repair
• find what makes your restaurant superior and emphasize it. Make it worth the customer’s money

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