Restaurant Owners, Measure Your Results!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s staff drops restaurant equipment knowledge every day – helping restaurant start-ups and established restaurants get the used restaurant equipment they need and the financing to support them. A lot of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s staff have a history in the restaurant business and we’re more than happy to pass some of our knowledge onto you! Here’s some info on the importance of measuring results in all aspects of your restaurant.

One of the most important things you need to measure and pay close attention to as a restaurant owner are the results of your marketing endeavors. Take a look at your promotions and the response rates, sales, costs, and return on investment for each of them. Do more of what works and put the kibosh on what’s not working. This’ll help you formulate future promotional strategies.

If there are improvements in your food and labor costs, take a look at your inventory turnover for the week. Take these results to your managers and employees and let them know how to respond to any inventory problems.

You may want to thing about hiring a mystery shopper – like an undercover cop that rates service, food quality, etc. – and sharing their objective feedback with your employees.

So measure your results, people!

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