Portion Your Restaurant’s Dishes and Save Big

I love a giant plate of mashed potatoes and sculpting them into Devil’s Tower as much as the next guy (props if you get that reference), but eating enormous portions can take its toll on your pants and your restaurant’s wallet. With steadily raising food costs, thin profit margins and intensely value-conscious consumers, the last thing your restaurant needs is sloppy portioning techniques.

Product portioning affects more than your restaurant’s food costs, they also affect the experience of your guests and the food quality. You don’t want to shortchange a customer and heap portions on another’s plate – you have to stay consistent and find that proper portioning balance.

Make sure your employees have the tools to portion their food correctly. items like scales, measuring cups, etc. make it hard not to be consistent, so be sure all of your employees are using them and using them properly. When I worked at a major pizza chain back in the day, we had portioning tools for EVERYTHING. These kept us consistent and balanced food costs without any hitches.

If you have to, take food as it comes off the line and inspect it yourself. Keep this up for a few days, then call a meeting and go over with your employees and managers any inconsistencies and how you can all help improve accuracy.

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