Where have we been?

Lots going on at the Frog.  Where do I start?

Well first off I guess you want me to give you some hints on the secret, right?  We are adding on a special writer.  She’s pretty phenomenal at baking and all culinary arts and if her pictures are any indicator of what good food is… well a picture’s worth a 1000 words, right?  So here’s the short of it, we have someone who is incubating their dream to someday open a bakery and in the meantime she’s working out some great recipes and will be posting amazing pictures to spur you on.  I think you’ll find a lot of fun watching her evolution in the field and trying some her recipes.  You’re going to find a very special interest she has is healthy eating and that will trickle over into everything else.  So, soon, my friends, soon.

Otherwise, what’s the Frog been up to?  It’s been hot in Orlando, lemme tell you!  Each day we’ve had our trucks out all over the state and the teams have been busy.  We pulled a major resort earlier in the week and also a few franchises.  So there is a lot of new to the Frog used equipment in stock. 

We’re also excited that we were able to offer a stellar deal to our friends at Pathways Homeless Shelter for the Mentally Ill homeless.  We found some GREAT prices on single phase electric ranges- churches, listen up!  Call us and let’s get you one today! 

Some old friends from Jacksonville called the other day.  Was great to hear that their church and the mission is going well.  Struggling in the economy as are many, but they are moving forward and that’s super to hear!

Right now we’re working with a few coffeeshops, pizzerias, c-stores and a bar to open up.  The finance manager has several deals out there too and is working hard to put great deals on the table for our clients.  Why don’t you fill out our super easy application and let him work for you.  He’s a super swell guy who takes pride in helping our clients startup and when you see the credit applications he’s working with you’ll understand.  Whether he’s working with finance officers at various banks or his other funding sources, One Fat Frog’s Finance Manager spends the day working for you. 

Monday was a little somber at the Frog.  I asked one of our delivery drivers how his Sunday radio show was (he’s a minister at a local Spanish speaking church).  Unfortunately they had to cancel their radio show because one of the members of the congregation lost their baby due to cord asphyxiation at birth.  As a few of our warehousemen knew this family they had been with them on Sunday.   It was a sad story and I’ve thought about it much of the week.  We’ve had a few Frog team members ill recently- and it puts it all in perspective.

Got a great little prep table in 48″ refrigerated prep under 6 months old I’m told.  Have a similar unit to this that’s under three years old.  Both pretty pieces and built to last!  Stop in at the Frog OBT or see us anyday!

Got some different items ready for freight and containers- Trinidad and Tobago, Egypt and a few others for the Islands.  Put out truck deliveries today St. Augustine and Jacksonville for restaurants and bars opening.  Tomorrow we’re headed to Tampa, Dunellon, Clearwater and thereabouts to set up restaurants.  When are we helping you to open?

On another note, we’re running a special:  open your pizza place for under $300 a month payments- stop in and fill out a credit app, pickout the equipment and get the ball rolling!  Of course you must qualify for credit but at the Frog it’s pretty easy!